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How do I create a StrawPoll?
To create your own StrawPoll, just go to and enter the title of your poll. A maximum of 100 characters is possible. Below you can specify the answer possibilities. The minimum of response possibilities is 2, maximum 8 is possible.

What does "Allow multiple poll answers" mean?
If the checkbox "Multiple answers possible" is set, endless hooks can be set for the response options of your StrawPoll. If the checkbox isn't, you can only set a response as a vote.

What does "No Duplication-Check" mean?
If the checkbox "No Duplication-Check" is set, endless voices can be delivered per IP address. This is, for example, practical when your StrawPoll is created for school, university or work. If the checkbox isn't, just one vote per IP address, so one per household, is possible.

What does "Private StrawPoll" mean?
If the checkbox "Private StrawPoll" is set, the access to the StrawPoll is only available with a private invitation-link.

How up-to-date are the results?
The results of a StrawPoll are displayed in real-time. The number of votes and percentages are always up to date, so you don't have to reload the page to update the results.

How do I vote?
To vote for a StrawPoll, go to the link that you received to vote for, and choose your answer. Depending on the settings of the StrawPoll you can only put one or more hooks.

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